About Optrix

About Optrix

Based in Shellharbour City in NSW, Australia, Optrix was founded after years of working with light and heavy industry had highlighted a number of key problems with how process, people and technology were interacting.

As the amount of process and business information increased, the ability for people to actually understand it was rapidly dropping off. And those that did manage to create forward-thinking ways of looking at your data lost critical information along the way.

Optrix are dedicated to using the latest in technology to create new, innovative ways to see your data as it applies to the real world.

  An Australian Company

Optrix is a private company that is 100% Australian owned and operated. All software is designed and developed locally* based on years of experience and extensive prototyping with our customers.

We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to customers needs, which is why we offer custom solutions along-side our off-the-shelf product.

* Note that we make extensive use of open source packages that have been developed by people across the globe. However, all of the code and material we own has been produced in Australia.

  What we do

Our goal is to ensure that your information is...

  • As easy to understand as possible, even for a layperson
  • Available when and where a person will need it
  • Easy to access and maintain.
  • Readily available to other computer systems



We strive to always keep up with modern innovation in how people interact with information systems, and help our customers (many of which are slow to adopt new tech) to realise the benefits that deploying new technolgy can provide.

In producing packages that service such a broad and varied market, we are constantly looking for customers, partners and alliances to improve what we offer and to provide functions to make our solutions suitable for specific industry needs.