ARDI AR Features

ARDI AR Features

ARDI-AR is the Augmented Reality client for our ARDI server, bringing all the power of the ARDI platform to your mobile device.

With suitable AR markers placed on your instruments, systems and the zones in your plant, you make a wealth of information available to staff in the field.

  Quick Access

The primary focus of ARDI-AR is to get data to your staff as quickly and intuitively as possible.

  • Instead of having to find an HMI device and then find the appropriate screen on the HMI, users simply look at the marker.
    If the HMI isn't close to their work area, they also don't need to have a second resource monitor values from a control room, or wander between the work area and the HMI in order to check results).

  • Instead of tracking down the drawings or manuals in large folders in the control room or in a complex document management system, users simply look at the marker.

  • Users are given a list of the equipment that is upstream, downstream or otherwise related to the asset, so even users unfamiliar with the system have guidance on how to troubleshoot.

  Recent Scan List

The recent scan list can be used to quickly access any assets you've looked at previously, even if you've moved away from the marker. This allows you to easily skip back to where you were without having to move from the spot you're standing.


You can also search for your assets to find information about assets that aren't nearby - ideal when looking for possible causes for issues or helping others remotely.

  Pinned Values

When calibrating or investigating issues with control and feedback loops, you often need to keep an eye on several variables at once. With ARDI-AR, you can 'pin' values you are interested in to the screen from a number of different devices, allowing you to watch their values even when there aren't any AR markers in sight.

Pinning values can radically reduce the manpower needed for checks, as only one person is required and there's no need for someone near the HMI or in the control room to assist with the process.