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ARDI Articles

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  • Building Environments - Floorplans

    An Extruding Floorplan

    To make environment creation easier for people unfamiliar with 3D tools, ARDI includes a Floorplan Converter.

    This can take a simple vector drawing of your walls, such as those created in Inkscape, Illustrator or Autocad, and convert them into 3D environments.

    The floorplan converter can operate in one of two different modes...

    Standard Floorplan Conversion

    The standard floorplan conversion takes the drawing of your walls, along with boxes that represent features (such as doorways, windows and stairs etc.) and creates a three-dimensional model from them, giving them height and thickness.

    Negative Space Conversion

    This process is the opposite of the standard floorplan. Rather than making a 3D model of your walls, it creates models of your rooms. This type of conversion is ideal for building automation and control, as it quickly isolates all of your individual spaces and turns them into ARDI assets.

  • The Power of 3D - Complex Surfaces

    One area where 3D visualisations excel over traditional 2D ones is when you are looking at measurements that are being taken in multiple locations across the surface of an object.

    Because the object itself is three-dimensional, there's a lot of mental effort involved in translating from a 2D drawing to the 3D object. The more complex the shape of the object, the harder the work is to figure out exactly where a point on the 2D screen is on the real asset.

    Using a 3D presentation method solves this problem completely, You can show the values exactly where they are on the surface of the object in a way that is completely intuitive and immediate.