ARDI-AR Troubleshooting: Markers Not Scanning

ARDI-AR Troubleshooting: Markers Not Scanning

This troubleshooting guide applies when....

  • You can start ARDI-AR...
  • You see the images from your camera...
  • But no information appears over the marker (or the information appears in the wrong place).

1. Ensure Your Camera Lens is Clean

This should go without saying, but it's always worth repeating - make sure the lens of your camera is clean.

A surprising number of tracking faults are caused by dusty or fingerprint-smeared lenses. This is particularly true if your phone is ever used by children, in which case there can be a significant buildup of gunk around the lens. Ensure your lens is clean and your image is clear before proceeding with the rest of the troubleshooting guide.

If your lens is clean and you still can't read markers...

2. Choose the Highest Possible Resolution

Sometimes this issue is caused by a camera that requires a certain minimum resolution. To save your battery, ARDI-AR defaults to using a fairly small image, but on some mobile phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy S7) this can lead to tracking issues.

  • Press the 'Options' button (the small cog in the top-right corner of the screen)
  • Press the 'Camera' button to bring up camera settings
  • Click 'Resolution', and from the list select the largest resolution your device supports (normally found at the top of the list)
  • Hit 'Back' on your phone hardware buttons.

If that doesn't resolve the problem....

3. Calibrate Your Camera

Each phone model has a slightly different camera lens with different characteristics. When your camera is new or unusual, it's possible that nobody has performed a calibration before, which tells our software how to correct for the distortion present in your lens.

Search the App Store for the ARToolkit Camera Calibrator and follow the instructions on this page to perform a calibration on your camera.

This will upload the results to a central server that ARDI-AR (and other applications) use to lookup camera calibration data. Once calibrated, your phone and any phone of the same model should now work seamlessly with ARDI.

4. Contact Us

Still no luck? Contact us at and let us know the model of your mobile phone - we will attempt to find the issue.