ARDI-AR Troubleshooting: No Video

ARDI-AR Troubleshooting: No Video

This troubleshooting guide applies when....

  • You can start ARDI-AR...
  • But you don't see any images from your camera.

1. Make Sure you are using the Latest Version

Ensure you are using the latest version of ARDI-AR by visiting the store on your device.

This has been an issue for older versions of ARDI-AR running on versions of Android 23 (Marshmallow) or above, and was particularly obvious on the Galaxy S7.

If you've updated and the issue persists...

2. Restart Your Device

Occasionally the camera on a mobile phone will be 'locked' by another application that is running or due to an error in your phone. The easiest way to resolve the problem is simply to restart the device.

On most devices, this can be done by holding down the power button and choosing 'Restart' from the pop-up menu, or sliding the restart slider on iOS.

If that doesn't resolve the problem....

3. Check Permissions

If you're running ARDI-AR on Android Marshmallow or above, you will be prompted to give the application permission to use the camera. Please ensure you allow this, as it is a fundamental requirement of ARDI that we are able to use the camera.

4. Contact Us

Still no luck? Contact us at and let us know the model of your mobile phone - we will attempt to find the issue.