New Website Online

Our website has been extremely quiet over the last several months - it's not due to lack of caring, but because we've been working in secret on our newest software package.

But as we are getting close to a commercial release of the initial version of ARDI, we've revamped the site. You'll be seeing a lot more content and frequent updates on the site, as well as regular news features sent out via social media such as on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Optrix and Strata Worldwide @ AIMEX

Optrix has finished work on the interactive video wall, demonstrating the Strata Worldwide PDS - an advanced anti-collision system for vehicles and pedestrians.

Collision avoidance technology like this is becoming widely adopted, and is a huge boost to health and safety in mines where it can be difficult to be aware of moving vehicles.

If you're attending AIMEX, feel free to drop past the Strata Worldwide booth (#214) to see their system in action. You'll see our virtual loader and watch as it responds to how close you are.