ARDI AR Overview

ARDI AR Overview

Turning your mobile device into a tool

ARDI-AR is the Augmented Reality client for our ARDI software package, allowing staff to get the critical information they need in the field, when and where they need it.

Half of the challenge with any new system is getting people to actually use it. Even if the system is as useful as ARDI is, unless it's convenient as well, it won't be utilised as well as it should.

Augmented Reality delivers an extremely simple, intuitive and fast way of delivering this information directly to your staff and contractors that are in the field. And because ARDI-AR can run on most existing smartphones, chances are that all of your staff are already carrying a suitable device with them right now.


  • Improves Efficiency
    • Shortens Field Tasks
    • Speeds Fault Finding
    • Identifies Equipment
    • Quality / Accessibility
      • Ensures consistent user information
    • Improved Process Awareness
      • Intuitive access to knowledge
      • Allows pre-empting of field issues
      • Allows for process improvements

    Field Access to Asset Knowledge

    • Live Data
    • Historical Data
    • Properties
    • Documentation
    • Connections & Relationships