What Is Asset Visualisation?

What Is Asset Visualisation?

  What is an asset?

An asset can be anything or everything. Each sensor on a plant, bed in a hospital, room in a hotel - these can all be assets.

More than that, your human resources are also assets, and even intangible things such as plant zones or parking spaces can be treated as assets.

Basically, if you'd like to be able to store information about it or you'd like to be able to group items into it, it's an asset.

  What Is Asset Visualisation?

Asset Visualisation allows you to look at your assets in new ways.

Our asset visualisations create new perspectives on your application ( an industrial plant, a building etc.).

Most industrial and commercial systems use traditional 2D HMI (Human-Machine Interface) systems. While these are very useful, they are often difficult to use and limited in what they can do.

The visualisations offered by Optrix go beyond (but do not replace) the traditional HMI/SCADA system, giving much more information about your assets to people throughout your organisation - from the field technician to the accountant - and providing it in a way that is simple to understand, easy to access and at the same time concise and contextual.

Using technology such as realtime-3D to create virtual environments and smartphones to provide Augmented Reality are examples of some of the extremely useful tools we can offer.

  What tools can help me?

Optrix originally (and still do) offer custom solutions for asset visualisation, allowing you to make purpose-built systems that respond to live or historical data. They've been used for plant and process inductions, training simulations and trade-show displays.

However, these systems did tend to be expensive, and our customers lacked the specific skills-sets required to maintain the systems themselves. This is where ARDI was born.

ARDI is our flagship product, allowing you to consolidate all of your important asset information into one central point and offer it to users via a variety of visualisation methods. The system is inexpensive, extremely powerful and easy for our end-users to both set-up and maintain.

  What types of visualisation are there?

There are a variety of ways you can use computer technology to create a powerful way to look at your data. Our offers include...