Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

  What Can I Do With A Custom Visualisation?

That's actually one of the most difficult questions to answer. The short answer is Anything.

Virtual environments aren't limited by the rules of the real world, so your only actual limitation is the processing power of your computer, which of course becomes increasingly large as each year passes.

In fact, the possibilities are so great that we often suggest that you come to us with what you're having trouble visualising, and let us discuss options with you.

It's nice to bounce ideas off our engineers who may have encountered some innovative ways of displaying the sort of information you have - or you may have come up with a brand new way of looking at an existing problem that we've never even considered. Some of the challenge - and the fun - of using new technology is that occasionally we have to break into new and unexplored territory, and sometimes a little idea blossoms into an entirely new perspective.

  Things To Ignore

In a virtual environment, we have the option to ignore...

  • Safety
  • Distance
  • Time
  • The Laws of Physics

  Superhuman Abilities

And we aren't limited by any real-world rules, so we can...

  • See the invisible
  • See through walls and into machines
  • Watch sudden events as if they were in slow motion
  • Simulate impossible or rare events

So your imagination is quite literally the limit. If you'd like to create something that shows your system in a way that simply isn't physically possible and have it react to real-world input, why not contact us and discuss your options? From a display on your website or at a trade-show to a corporate management tool, we can help make the impossible an every-day event.