Caterpillar S60 Smartphone with IR Camera

Caterpillar S60 Smartphone with IR Camera

Looking for something industrial to run our Augmented Reality client on?

Caterpillar - yes, they have a mobile phone brand - have released their S60 smartphone. Not only does it include a waterproof, rugged die-cast case that exceeds military requirements from drop and shock resistance, it's also got a built-in FLIR thermal imaging camera.

So not only can you scan markers, you can switch on your thermal imager to identify hot and cold spots where you don't already have temperature measurement equipment.

It's not the lightest or thinnest phone on the market, but it's strong, dependable Android phone designed specifically for engineers and field technicians, a perfect hardware acompanyment to our ARDI functions.

Check the product page for more information.

Source - Gizmodo


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