3D Visualisation

3D Visualisation

  What is 3D visualisation?

Our asset visualisations use computer game engines to create three-dimensional, interactive versions of your site.

In these virtual environments, physical limitations don't apply - you can see through walls or into pipes. You can compare values visually, see how hardware is connected and do much, much more.

  What are the benefits of 3D visualisation?

Visualising your assets in their three-dimensional environment has a large number of benefits to staff and to the company as a whole, mostly in improved communication and efficiency.

  • Fast Data Comprehension

    Placing your data into a 3D environment can make interpreting it significantly easier, because it's shown the way it actually appears rather than as a bar-chart or numeric figure.

  • Real-World Context

    The real world is three-dimensional, which means that there are a number of situations where 2D makes for a very poor way of viewing your results. This is particularly obvious when dealing with surfaces and volumes.

  • Location

    Users immediately understand an assets location in 3D, not just from a 2D map.

  • Site Familiarity

    Any number of people can visit your virtual site and become familiar with it, meaning that when they physically arrive on site for the first time they are far better prepared than maps and descriptions would ever allow.

  • Pathfinding

    With a model of your environment and knowledge of your assets location, we can help you find the ideal path to your asset from your current position.

  • Improved Retention

    Placing objects in their real-world position helps boost retention of other facts about the object, the same way that memory-masters use the Memory Palace or Method of Loci

  • And Much, Much More

    We aren't just offering the basics of the virtual environment - our ARDI package allows for a great deal more power.