What Is Augmented Reality

What Is Augmented Reality

  What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality adds additional information over your view of the real world.

Called 'AR' for short, the technology allows you to use your mobile device (such as a phone or tablet) as a window. The camera at the rear relays its image to the front screen.

When the camera picks up something that the software recognises, such as one of a range of special 'marker' tags, it can add three-dimensional objects to the display that move with the camera as if they were real objects in your field of view.

With the ARDI AR system, each tag can also uniquely identify an object. This means that by looking at a tagged sensor, you immediately have all of your vital information about the device floating above it. Live data, access to its history, documentation or any of the other types of data that ARDI stores can be immediately available.

  What are the benefits of AR?

  • Extreme Efficiency

    In many cases your asset data will be spread among a number of systems. When using ARDI, all of your information is consolidated to a single point that can be accessed simply by looking at the asset in question.

  • Comparative Safety

    Most other forms of marker - such as barcodes, QR codes and NFC tags - require you to be extremely close and steady in order to scan the tag. AR tags on the other hand can be detected from meters away and work even with a shaky camera.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Apart from knowing which app to launch, there is almost no learning curve. The system is literally point-and-touch.

  • Multiple Simultaneous Scans

    Unlike NFC tags and other tagging methods, AR tags allow you to have more than one in your field of view at the same time.

  What are the benefits of ARDI-AR?

  • Flowing Properties

    Configured correctly, ARDI-AR understands that certain properties flow down your relationships. When you look at an asset, you can also be shown important information from assets that are installed up-stream.

  • Isolation & Zero Energy Indication

    ARDI-AR can be used to indicate that assets are not isolated, or that a system is not at zero-energy.

  • Upstream Alerts

    ARDI-AR indicates if there is an up-stream piece of equipment that is currently experiencing an alert. This can help indicate the root-cause of problems occurring on devices.

  • Maps

    ARDI-AR can display site maps and the location of your assets on them. Not sure where the isolator is? Search or browse for it and bring up the map - it's location (and yours, if you've recently scanned an AR marker) will be clearly shown.

  • Gloved Operation

    For those using a device without a touch-screen that can handle a user wearing gloves, ARDI-AR includes 'glove mode', allowing you to lock and scroll by tilting your device rather than by touching the screen.

  • Translation

    It's not uncommon for control systems to have numeric codes that represent a status or a fault - but systems don't always show what those codes indicate. ARDI converts these cumbersome, machine-readable codes into plain, human-readable text - users won't need to know what status #15 means anymore.

  • Relationship Browsing

    ARDI-AR allows you to step through the connections in your process. Want to know where your water, air, oil or product comes from, or where it goes from here? Simply click the 'relationships' button for a full description of what leads where, and click to follow the chain.